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Washable Organic Period Cotton Pads

For light, regular and heavy flow applications

Smartliners washable period pads are exclusively designed for various period flow types including regular (3-ply), heavy (4-ply), and super heavy (overnight) flow. Smartliners are made of 100% organic cotton which is good for you and kind to the environment.


  • Smartsorb™ ultra absorbent technology
  • EasyWing™ pull 'n seal (hook and loop) no-nonsense closure system
  • Certified 100% organic cotton
  • Organically dyed
  • Free of any harmful chemicals and plastics
  • 3-ply and 4-ply layers; perfect for all flow types
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Odour free
  • Easy to maintain & long lasting
  • Includes travel/wash pouch


  • Please wash your new Smartliners product before first use
  • Just place them in your underwear, and strap the wings in place with the EasyWing™ hook and loop closure system. You're done!
  • Once used, you may rinse them out if you wish, or simply throw them in directly with your regular wash or in a mesh garment bag.  Make sure you close the EasyWing™ hook and loop closure prior to washing.
  • Do not use softener or bleach
  • Smartliners™ may be safely placed in the dryer; no shrinkage to fear!

Smartsorb™ offers incredible protection thanks to its patented inter layer absorbent technology

Better for your body

Better for your comfort

Better for the planet

Better for your budget

Switching to Smartliners™ is kinder to your skin, your wallet and the planet! Smartliners™ washable period pads are like reusable wipes - once you've tried them you'll wish you'd swapped earlier!