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Smartliners washable regular period flow pads features 3 ply Smartsorb™ and are made of 100% organic cotton which is good for you and kind to the environment.

  • 9”x 3” period pad 
  • Smartsorb™ ultra absorbent technology
  • EasyWing™ pull 'n seal (hook and loop) no-nonsense closure system
  • Certified Eco-friendly 100% organic cotton
  • For lighter flows, or the beginning or end of your cycle. (please note, your periods vary, and you are to judge what suits your needs)
  • Organically dyed black cotton pad
  • Free of any harmful chemicals and plastics
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Odour free
  • Easy to maintain & long lasting
  • 1 pad in a canister
  • Includes travel/wash pouch
  • All measurements are approximate


Customer Reviews
4.3 Based on 6 Reviews
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First Impressions

They look and feel great in your hands, right out of the package... but they look and feel pretty bulky when you wear them. I haven’t had a chance to wear them for a period yet, but this is my first impressions. I definitely wouldn’t be wearing them with leggings or anything form fitting. You can absolutely see the extra padding in the crotch which is disappointing. Something I’d probably wear while kicking around at home, but not sure they would be comfortable to wear out on errands or a full day at work.

Nice pads, but...

I recently purchased each of the Smartliner products. This is a review for the liners and regular pads, as they're the ones I've used thus far. I love that they're reusable and have nothing funky in the form of chemicals or dyes. They're very well made and are clearly of good quality. My only complaints are: (1) I'm not a fan of washing in the bag, as the pad is all folded up and it might not come totally clean. (The pads are black, so how could you tell?) I find just throwing them in the machine works fine. They take a long time to dry, tho, so I do a cycle in the dryer and then hang them out to finish drying (usually overnight does the trick). (2) I'm a 50 y.o. woman who wears size 8 Hanes cotton bikini underwear, nothing fancy. The wings on the smaller pads that I've used aren't long enough to fit easily around the crotch of my undies. It ends up bunching the pad slightly (which is annoying at first but then becomes unnoticeable later). More annoying, tho, is that the Velcro used to secure the pad is SUPER scratchy. Because the wings pull slightly due to not fitting well around the undies, the edge of the Velcro is exposed and really irritates the inside of my thigh. Now, this probably isn't an issue for skinny ladies wearing sexier panties but for me, it's not fun. I'm hoping that the larger pads don't have this same issue. Overall I think it's a wonderful product and I'm hoping to get many years of wear from them, saving Mother Earth from the hundreds of pads I would otherwise be throwing into landfill. But some attention to those small details would be awesome (i.e., longer wings, maybe snaps instead of Velcro).

Best investment

Although there is a higher upfront cost in comparison to disposable pads, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth it! I have a heavier flow and these are very absorbent.